Circus Circus

A couple of weekends ago we went to Circus Circus. We thought it would be fun for Carter and there are a few kid rides. Well we walked in and he did not like it. He would say NO to every ride we showed him. I thought, I didn't come here for nothing, so I made him go on the Ferris wheel. He was wanting his Dada while we were in line but then we got on and he was fine. After that we decided to leave and check out Fremont street. What a bad mistake, nothing but drunk white trash. Sorry for the harshness. If ever in Vegas that's an experience you might want to pass up!
Carter on the way there
The Adventure Dome
Carter & his dad. Make the picture bigger & you can see how happy he was.
Carter & me on the Ferris wheel


Coming Soon!!

I can't wait for this show to start! Only 4 more days.
And this is what we will be watching it on! Our new 52 inch Sharp LCD. Thanks Uncle Sam, now we will really enjoy our favorite show!