A couple of weeks ago we went to Lied's Discovery Museum. I couldn't believe we had to pay $7 for a one year old! Anyways Carter had fun because he got to run free. I hope we can find more kid friendly places to go to. Sorry for the picture overload.

Carter & Dad in a bubble

This was a tunnel that simulated what a hurricane is like.
It went up to 80mph
Carter & Mommy looking pretty.

Then not so pretty when the wind picked up. I'm trying to keep everything together!
I love this picture because Carter is looking up at his Dad.
My cute boys!
Having fun in a wheelchair.


Fun weekend

A couple of weekends ago my sister Emily came to visit from California and Ya ya & Papa came down from St. George. It was a short visit for my sister but we had fun and it was great to see her. We hate not living in the same state anymore. I know it's not that far but we used to see each other every weekend. She cut every ones hair so mine does not look like this anymore. Thanks for coming Em, we love and miss you!
Me, Emily, & mom
I have heard so much hype about Sprinkles cupcakes that I bought the mix from Williams-Sonoma. My mom and I made them over the weekend and they were not good. I don't know if we made them wrong or what. I am going to give them a second chance when we go to California in June.
Ya ya & Papa feeding the hungry babies
Carter driving ya ya's car



Sorry for the post overload, I'm so behind! This is Noah my next door neighbors 9 month old that I babysit. Both his parents work so I thought I would watch him and make a little money while staying home with Carter. I have only been doing it for 3 weeks.
Carter & Noah playing
Noah trying to get something
Then he falls in and Carter is trying to help him
The studs!

Easter pics

Carter seeing his basket for the first time. That's right folks, that's a big cheap basket from Wal- Mart. I don't think he'll ever know!
I'm ready to open this.
This was on the way home and NEVER happens. His papa wore him out! Thanks papa.


About a month ago Carter went to the dentist for the first time. I wanted to go to a very kid friendly place so we drove for half an hour. I'm sure there we closer ones but I'm glad we went to this one. It was brand new and had a safari theme. Anyways Carter did well and has no cavities! The dentist said he is low risk and wouldn't need to be seen till next year. I'm glad this little boy likes to brush his teeth.