Hello blogging world! Did you miss me!? Actually did the 2 people that look at this miss me? I had a baby & a few weeks after that went to Utah for 3 weeks. So I haven't updated this for awhile. So here are lots of pictures of what's been going on.
The night before I had Scarlet, 11 days early, I had a shower. The nice girls at church through it. Thanks girls!
My co-worker Sara.
Right after we came home.
Thinking & holding her pacifier.
Big bro & Lil sis
Cozy in bed.
Here are Halloween pics. Yes he was a piece of pizza. I took him to Old Navy & tried on a bunch of cute costumes. I had him try this one on as a joke & of course it's the one he wanted!

Enjoying cotton candy at our church festival.
Papa went with Dan & Carter.
Here is Scarlet's Halloween outfit.
I love the huge boots!
While my parents were here my mom gave her a bath everyday, with the help of Carter, & she loves it.
Photo shoot.
Work it cute girl.
The best big brother helping out.
We went out to dinner for Thanksgiving. It was a great choice. Here are my parents, brother, & Carter.
The whole gang. We missed you Em, TJ, Maddox, Griffin, Scott, Caren, Marissa, & Katelyn!
My happy boy.
Hey who are you!?
Pretty girl!
Raking the leaves at Yaya & Papa's...
so he could play in them.
Holding my hands.
Scarlet's Christmas dress.
This is how she fell asleep on her dad.
I was trying to get a smile.
Christmas pics next, hopefully it won't take me 2 months!