Also back in October Scarlet turned 3!  We had a fun little princess party in the park, with old & new friends!  This little girl is growing up too fast.  We love you Scarlet!!
The set up...fit for our princess. 
Sydney & Scarlet having some lunch.
Time for pin the heart on the necklace.
Birthday girl first!
Right there!

I missed!

Leila's turn.
Now for brother's turn.  No peeking!

Guess he wasn't!
Pinata time!
Funny little story.  Sydney pulled the right string & she was only the second or third one to try.  So I just let the kids get the candy instead of giving everyone a turn.  They were mad!  Oops!

Time for cake, or in our case mini pink & purple cupcakes with glitter!

Ready for us to sing to her.
Make a wish baby girl!

Present time!

Thanks Sydney!
Her first helmet.
Carter, birthday girl, Kenna, & Lydia at the end of a great party!  Thanks to everyone who came & celebrated our little princess!