easter (lots of pics)

We had a fun Easter at my parent's house. The kids & I were up there for over a week while Dan had a job for 4 days! In this first picture my dad taught Scarlet the art of dipping your french fry in a Wendy's frosty. She loved it!

Just like this one of my kids looking at each other.

Washington city had an egg hunt, more like a candy hunt, Saturday morning. Carter getting all he can.

It's nice cause they separate them by age. Scarlet caught on quick!

All done.

Ready to eat!

more candy...

They got to see Alice. Scarlet not so sure, just give her a year or two!

We had a little egg hunt at my parent's. I'm just realizing that it wasn't on Easter so they aren't wearing their cute outfits! Oh well, they still look cute.

I found one...

me too!

Still looking...


Awesome the golden egg!!

The cars are too loud!

I love this one of my kids playing nicely together!

Carter's basket


Me & my girl

Happy Easter!