Hair cut

So a couple of weeks ago Carter got technically his second hair cut. The first was last Thanksgiving by his auntie Emma. That was just a trim. We took him to a place called Cool cuts 4 kids. The place was so cute and had lots for the kids to do. They were really good and so was Carter. I couldn't believe how short it was but I love it.

Mommy & Carter before she started


Happy Easter!

We are off for Utah tonight to see ya ya & papa. Here is Carter with the Easter bunny. As you can see he didn't like him as much as Santa! I hope everyone has a fun and safe Easter!


Potty Training

So I guess about a month ago Carter would keep patting his diaper and saying pee pee! Dan thought something was registering with him so he took him on the big potty. Carter liked it and kept doing it so Dan bought him this little potty. This was all Dan's idea since he was the one staying at home with him then. I wanted to do it when he was older but I think he pretty much gets it. Stay tuned....
Carter & his potty

Sorry if this is too graphic but I thought it was a lot for a 1 1/2 year old


Per request

Dan's sister asked for more recent pictures of Carter so here they are.
Carter in his Green Bay Packers outfit that he got for Christmas.

Bath time fun

Carter's pompadour

Carter & Cody begging for food

Carter's 1st time having spaghetti with no help


Hip Hip Hooray!

DAN GOT A JOB!!!! Dan has been unemployed for 7 months and he just got a job last Friday. He is joining a HVAC union, which is plumbing, pipe fitting, welding, refrigeration, and air conditioning. He doesn't know much about it but we hope he likes it. So today I gave them a weeks notice, because that's all I could give them. He has orientation on the 10th & 11th. I am so excited to be going back home to be with Carter! I am also going to start babysitting my neighbors little boy during the day. This apprenticeship is for 5 years so I guess we will be here for awhile.