Last weekend my brother Scott, his wife Caren, & their twin girls Katelyn & Marissa moved back to California from Salt Lake. On the way down they stayed with us one night & we had lots of fun. Carter has other cousins but I love to see him with the girls because they are all 3 & they think he is so funny! When they got into town we had pizza & then the dads stayed home with the kids & watched Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs while Caren & I did a little shopping. The next morning we went to church & then they were off to California. It was a short visit but glad they were able to spend a night with us.
Ready for the movie!
Putting some blush on for church.
I know the next 5 pictures are very similar but being a mom how could I just pick one!?
Love it!
It was a little bit of a challenge getting them all to look since they were more interested in flowers & fruit snacks.
I love how they are all doing there own thing.
Look at that stud!


New Year's Eve

So finally I'm all caught up after this post! I don't think anyone looks at this but I'll keep doing it because it's a journal for me & I'll be able to print it one day. We were in St George for New Year's so we went downtown to there party called First Night. They had music, activities for the kids, rock climbing, rock band, food, rides, & a new ice skating rink. They also did two fireworks shows, one at 9 for the young kids & then of course at 12. We had fun but it was really cold! My nephew Griffin who is four didn't make it all night so my parents took him home. I hope that 2010 brings us another baby & a bigger house!
We started off here. My nephew Maddox who is 7.
My cute husband.
Then we went inside to warm up & make some party masks.
What the heck is on me!!?
The party people with there masks.
The one eyed monster!Then a picture in front of the New Year sign.
Then 2 swords & a doggy.
Went inside 25 Main to warm up again & get some yummy cupcakes. My brother & his son.
Silly Carter.
Lastly we got a free picture of the party people that lasted!
HAPPY 2010!


Christmas 2009

We were at my parents house in St. George for Christmas. We had a really good time even though we were all pretty much sick. My brother & sister flew into Vegas on the 23rd, stayed the night at our place, then we all drove up the next day. We had a small group this year & Carter was the only grand kid so it was all about him & he made out like a bandit!
Before shot of all his gifts. I guess Santa leaves the toys in the boxes.
Coming to check it out.
What did you get Carter?
Sweet I got skittles in my stocking.
Presents from my Grandma in Wisconsin.
I love Thomas....
& these cool puppets! Thanks Grandma.
I need a break now.
I need to try & have him in Christmas jammies next year.


Santa's Workshop & House

Here are a couple of fun things we did last month. I know I'm really behind but I was just in Utah for a week & a half, & I can't blog there. First we went to Brass Pro Shop because they were having a Santa workshop. I have to admit I didn't really think there would be anything cool at Bass Pro but I was wrong! The store is huge & has way more than just outdoor stuff, like yummy smelling candles, candy, & toys. The whole thing was free, even a picture with Santa! A week or two later we went to see Santa. As we are waiting to see him we ran into our neighbors & let them cut in line with us! :-) After Santa we went outside to see the "snow." We had so much fun & hope to keep this a tradition, well as long as we live here.
Mom can I have this?
Playing with a remote control truck.
Trying to shoot a pretend deer.
A waterfall in the store.
While I'm keeping our place in line for Santa this is what Carter was doing.
Santa's house, right here in Vegas!
Santa tickling Carter. This is similar to the one we bought.
It's snowing!
Of course we had to get one in front of the tree again.
Carter & Noah having a good time.