15 months

Height: 29 3/4 (29th percentile)

Weight: 21.6 lbs. (13th percentile)

I thought she was a short chubby girl. Turns out she's a short petite girl! Either way she's growing up way too fast!

Scarlet at 15 months has 12 teeth, went to the dentist for the first time, can say what's that, bye, & oh wow, is a screamer, is a picky eater but loves yogurt, wheat thins, special k & anything sweet, loves to stand on things, & is still pretty much a daddy's girl.

(She's trying to escape!)


christmas 2011

I guess we had a pretty good Christmas despite the fact that we were all sick! It was horrible, it lasted for over a week. We went to my mom & dad's house feeling ok, then a day or two of being there we were coughing, runny nose's, & weak. Anyways on to the few pictures we were able to take. The first 3 are from Town Square before we left. We love to go see that Santa in his cute house. It was a bummer this year though cause they had a different company doing it & it wasn't the best experience. The rest of the pictures are in Utah.

The best picture we could get.

The kids having fun in the "snow"

Carter took off his hat & started dancing

Classic! She wanted nothing to do with Santa & the car! Didn't realize my son was so white.

After feeling a little bit better my brother, Dad, & Dan took the boys fishing. Here is Carter waiting...

Getting some bait (out of order)

He got one!

I would say they had fun

Christmas Eve. Here is what my spoiled kids got! Thank you again Mom, Dad, & Grant for helping us!!

Scarlet, her best buddy Cody, & her fake dog for home!

Sweet I got a 3DS!

What's going on?!

Look what I got!

The only picture I got from New Year's Eve. We went to dinner, 25 Main for cupcakes, then back to my parent's for fireworks & Just Dance 3!