Snow in Vegas!?

Yep that's right, snow in Vegas! And here is what it looked like. We had a little bit 2 years ago when we first moved here but this was a lot more! It snowed almost the whole day and I had a blast sitting on my couch looking out the window. When daddy went to a doctor's appointment Carter & I went outside to play. And yes he has no gloves on, we are not equipped for this weather! By the way sorry for all the name changes for our blog. I'll leave it at this because I don't think its very good to use your last name on here.

Lots of pictures from Christmas to come!



Out of Office!

Carter & I are off to Utah for Christmas, Dan is meeting up with us on Wednesday. So I will not be blogging until we come back on the 28th. Just wanted to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year!!
Here is the money shot!


Fun with Santa

So this year we went to this Norman Rockwell inspired house...
to see this guy.Having a sucker for being a good little boy.
Outside waiting to see the...
40' tree...
and the SNOW!
Merry Christmas!

We got a super cute picture of Carter & Santa coming later!



We went to my parents house in St. George for Thanksgiving & my brother flew in from Texas. We ate at my aunts house and had some yummy ham & prime rib. It was a very quiet trip this time with only one grand kid there. In three weeks for Christmas it will be a different story with all of my siblings there & 4 more kids! These are the only pictures I got from the weekend. There are none of the whole family. I hope I do better for Christmas. We had a lot of fun & now I need to decorate the house before Christmas comes! Where has the time gone!?
Carter playing the piano at my aunts house.
Carter cooking something up with the little kitchen my mom bought for the grand kids. Better enjoy it Carter before your cousins come!Very busy.
He loves to go on my parents porch. He pulls the chair up to the door so he can ring the doorbell & annoy the dog!
Here he is after church.
This picture is so cute of these two peas in a pod!
Here are two pictures Dan took that I thought were cool. St. George is so pretty right now!
This tree is in my parents front yard.


Aviation Nation

A couple of weeks ago Dan & Carter went to Aviation Nation at Nellis Air Force Base. I was too sick to go, there is always next year! They had a lot of fun and were gone for 6 hours. Here are a few pictures from their little adventure.
Dan & Carter in a cargo plane
A huge Air Force plane that opens up in the front & back
Carter with his cute ear muffs on
The Thunderbirds
Carter checking out the helicopter
Having fun!



So I know these are a little late but I'm behind and have been sick for the second time in a month! For Halloween we went to Town Square, a big outdoor shopping mall. It was not that fun. It was warm out so Carter was hot, WAY too many people, and every store seem to be giving out gum! Everyone was saying how cute the dinosaur was even though he was a dragon and like Carter's first Halloween a stranger even took his picture! I think next year we will try door to door! Ok, now onto Thanksgiving!

The darling dragon trying to cool down!
He couldn't say trick-or-treat but he could say MORE!
The spooky ghost
Back shot
Having fun with Papa
And just for fun here is our kitchen all decorated!


Pumpkin Patch II

The night before Halloween we went to another pumpkin patch here in Vegas. It was a lot more fun this year because Carter wanted to go on the rides & feed the animals. He was obsessed with the train ride and went on it 3 times! Can't wait till next year!


Halloween Party

The week before Halloween our neighbors had a party. It was fun and there was a lot of food! We made the mummy and Dracula cupcakes. The pirate family is our neighbors, Melissa, Dan, & Noah. Carter met some new friends and of course me & Dan were the ONLY ones not dressed up! Pumpkin patch part 2 and Halloween night pictures to come.


Pumpkin Patch

The first weekend of October we went to a pumpkin patch on a farm in St. George with my parents. To Carter they are known as ya ya & papa, just so you know when you see those names below. It was so much fun now that he is older. I cant wait to go to another one here in Vegas. I LOVE this time of year! WARNING EXCESSIVE PHOTOS!
Carter posing with the scarecrow
Testing the tractor out
This pig was disgusting & kept snorting at us!
Baby cow licking Carter & Dan
Ropin' Dummies. (In case you couldn't figure it out.)
Being silly
My favorite picture of me & my monkey
Ya ya & Papa with there favorite grand kid! :)
Our little family on the cow train
This picture was taken right after Carter threw a pumpkin and I told him to stop!
Carter with his favorite person
Me & my twin
These cute little horses were made out of tires
Lets go home!