father's day weekend & randomness

The Saturday before Father's Day our HOA had a pool party. They had bounce houses, sub-sandwiches, chips, soda, & fresh cotton candy. We had fun even though it was really hot!

Carter having a blast...
Hanging out.

The only picture I got from the actual day. I think Dan had a good day.

The other night me, Dan, & Scarlet were sitting on the couch. Dan had some cookies in his lap & Scarlet went for them. One for each hand!

I took some pics of Scarlet in this outfit to see if I wanted her to wear it for some professional pictures. Of course Carter had to join in. She thinks he's so funny!

My cute kids

Handsome boy &

Cute girl. (I LOVE this one!)

So glad to have one of each because that completes our little family.

(Not sure why there are so many spaces in between my writing & pics. It's bugging me!)