christmas & new year's

Christmas Eve we went out to dinner (no pictures) then put our jammie's on & went to the condo to play minute to win it! My brother Scott & his wife Caren set it all up & everyone had a blast! Thanks guys!
Here is Carter cheering Kate on...
now Kate & Carter cheering Uncle Court on...
stacking the cups up & then taking them down.
Our little family in our jammie's on Christmas Eve.
Matching jammie's & hats
4 years apart
All the grand kids. 3 boys & 3 girls now.
Carter's best buddy, his 8 year old cousin Maddox
After all the fun we put the kids to bed & all the grown ups went to parent's house to set up. Here is what all the spoiled kids got! It was one packed room.
Maddox & Griffin
Katelyn & Marissa
Christmas morning
I'm tired but happy!
The Nerf boys
For New Year's we went to dinner, saw Gulliver's Travels, went and got some cupcakes, then rang in the year at my parent's.

The party boys
He's handsome too
Scarlet having fun in her car seat, poor thing
Last but not least just some random pics from our fun time.
My kids in front of Yaya's tree
Happy family
Riding his new wiggle car
Baby girl looking cute
Carter & his gingerbread house
It snowed twice when we were there. Here is our car covered, & yes I'm ONE of THOSE people with a wreath on my car!
On our last day while we were packing my dad took Carter for a walk. Here's Carter throwing a snowball at his Papa. Looks like they had fun.
We had such a great time even though we were sick! It is always so much fun when everyone can get together! Thanks everyone for great memories!