summertime fun

Here are just some pictures from the fun we had over summer.  Funny to be looking at these when it's 30 something degrees out right now!
Scarlet & Griffin riding in the basket at Yaya & Papa's.
 Racing Maddox!
 Fun Uncle Courtney!
 Cozy at the drive in.
 It isn't summer without Rita's!
 Enjoying the new jetted tub...
and the new pool!  It's small but did the job, the kids loved it!
 All set!
 A trip to Krispy Kreme's.
 I love donuts!
 Eating some thrifty ice cream to stay cool.

new house

Back on July 20th we moved!!  I can't believe I forgot to blog about this, it was a very exciting time!  We were so done with our condo & so happy to move to a bigger house in a better area!  We looked all over Vegas & so glad we picked here!  So far it's been great & we have awesome neighbors! We are just renting but hope to be here for awhile! Here are just a few pics of the place, sorry for the date on some, I took them from the web. 
 Kitchen (hope to get rid of the red!)
 Front door taken from family room.
 Upstairs looking at kids rooms & a small loft to the right.
 Master bath.

first day of school

Since Christmas is almost here I better catch up on this blog!  I'm way behind so let's go back to the first day of 2nd grade.  Carter started a new a school with new friends.  So glad this new school has kids from church! Here is just a collage to remember that day...of course little sis had to be in one!  This little boy is growing up too fast!



Back in August, yes I'm way behind as usual, Mr Carter turned 7!  Last year we had a big party so we kept it small this year.  We just had a few friends come play games at Chuck e Cheese.  I think you can tell from the pictures below that we had fun!  We love you so much baby boy!!
This handsome boy is 7!
Laci & Carter going for a ride.
 Lexi, Carter, & Laci
 Yummy cake from Costco....of course!
 Get them all!
 Scarlet & daddy having fun!
 Playing her favorite game.
 Oh wait I think the carousel was her favorite!
 Johnny & Carter shooting it up!
 Ready for the ticket blaster!  We made him tuck in his shirt so he had a better chance!
 He loved it!
 The party people!
 Scarlet with tickets longer than her!
 Let's see how much we got!
 He woke up on his actual birthday to a new bike & helmet & was a happy boy!


first grade graduation

So I was downloading pictures from my camera to my computer & I found these!  I totally forgot to blog about Carter's 1st grade "graduation" & pictures from his last day!  Can't believe in 1 week he will be a second grader & starting a new school!!
Waiting his turn to go in front of the class.  Love that little smirk! 
 The kids went up in groups & read a story to us.
 My handsome boy!
 A & B's good job Carter!  So proud of him but not looking forward to the homework fight in a week..!
 Carter & Miss Metz (loved her!)
 BFF's... Johnny & Carter!
 Silly kids!
 Carter with all the Mia's! Mia V, Mia D, & Mia O.
 Phillip, Dawnelle, & Carter getting goofy!
 LOVE these two!!
 Johnny, Savannah, Miss Metz, & Carter on the last day!  Pretty sure she was wearing her sunglasses to hide her tears! :-(
 Happy to get outta there!
 Wait....no he's not cause now he has to be home ALL day with his mom & sister!
 Scarlet's turn of course!  The princess can't be left out!


disney on ice

Back in April, yes I know I'm a slacker, we went to Disney on Ice.  It was a lot better than I thought it would be.   Even though the people next to us & behind us were all up in our space, & the over priced souvenirs, we had a blast!  We will definitely go again!
Queen of Hearts 
 Lion King
 Aladdin & Jasmine
 Mickey & Minnie!  (Scarlet kept saying hi to them, it was so cute!)
 The End
 Best pic I got of them
 Wasn't really any photo ops that you didn't have to pay for, so this will do!