After 5 long years Dan graduated on November 2nd!  They had a very nice graduation just up the road at Sam's Town.  A buffet dinner, ceremony, & then some dancing.  Our family loves to dance so we were some of the last one's to leave.  My parents & Dan's dad came for it & we had fun!  It was a long & hard 5 years.  Unfortunately he still needs a lot of hours to become a journeyman, but things are looking up now & it shouldn't take too long.  We are so proud of him!

Dan, his dad Bill, & Carter (being goofy)
 Grandpa & Carter waiting their turn to get food.
 He did it!
 So happy!
 Dan & Bill
 Let's party now!
 Proud family.
 Love this, my mom & dad dancing with Scarlet.
 Scarlet & her papa!
 A gift from mom & dad, the diploma, & what's a party without cake?!


field trip

In the beginning of November Carter's class went on a field trip to The Smith Center.  It's a new beautiful building down by the strip where they have plays at.  We saw Clifford the big red dog.  It was a lot of fun to be with him & the other 1st graders, so glad I could go!

Johnny & Carter on the bus ready to go!
 Carter, Johnny, & Ruben
 Inside the Smith Center
 The five boys I was in charge of. Jacob, Johnny, Josh, Carter, & Ruben. 
 The boys & I.  They were all sweet & so good!



October was a fun month as usual!  Carter's school had a haunted fiesta & our ward had a party. We also went to a pumpkin patch & of course went trick or treating! I love October & I'm so sad it's over. Oh well, Christmas is right around the corner! :-)

Here is Carter & Johnny with their teacher Miss Metz.  She's the best!  
 My cute fireman having fun!
 My adorable scarecrow's!
 It might not look like it, but she loved the animals!
 We love the pumpkin patch!
 Cute kids....Scarlet is trying to scare us!
The fireman & his dalmation
 Love the way Scarlet is standing!
 Cutest dalmation I've ever seen!!
 Walking with dada.....wag that tail!
 Pretty excited with what they got!


look who's 2

Scarlet's birthday was Oct. 22nd, can't believe my baby is 2!!  Time goes by so fast, before I know it she will be going to school with her brother!  We just had a little strawberry shortcake party, kept it mellow, with us & Yaya & Papa.  I hope to have a big party next year! :-)

Here is what she saw when she woke up from her nap.
 Gosh she looks like such a big girl!  She loves that little rocking chair my mom got.
 Hey Scarlet what did you get?!
 Strawberry shortcake is so cute!  I also had a party like this when I was 1 or 2...
 Blow out the candles!
 Love them!
Happy birthday princess!



Ten years ago today Dan & I were sealed in the San Diego temple for time and all eternity!  It is so crazy to write this......where has the time gone?!  It has been quite the roller coaster, we have had our highs & lows.  It has been a tough few years but we have created a good life so far, with 2 beautiful children that make us so happy!  Here's to 10+ more years & hopefully it only getting better!  



That time of year again......white trash week!  All my siblings & their kids went to our parents house for a week of swimming, eating, games, fun, & of course there was no shortage of drama! 

This is how it started off, playing in Yaya & Papa's backyard!
 Cousins hanging out at the condo.
 Oops you found us!
 Snacks-check, sunglasses-check, pigtails-check. Ready to swim!
Don't let their cuteness fool you.....they are trouble makers!
 Now with Scarlet.
 Hanging out!
 The oldest grand kid & the youngest!
 Sweet jump Carter!
 Out of no where, right when we were done swimming, was a crazy storm. It even hailed, got out just in time!
 Checking it out.
 The princess wanted to be pushed around like a baby.
 Lunch time with the boys...
 and now with the girls.
 This was at a splash pad, they are creating a dam to stop the water.
 Love the bikini!
 Trying to stop the water by himself
 This was at the rec center by my parents house. Scarlet didn't like it at first.
 Lazy river time with Maddox
 Trying to get the water
 Having fun with brother!
 Before taking off on our last day we had lunch at Cracker Barrel.  This is what Dan & the kids did while waiting for the food.
It was a great time!  Thanks to my parents for putting up with us!