The Latest...

Not much going on here lately, so I thought I would put up a few of the latest pictures. Some are old that I never got around to blogging about. Little story about the first pic. Last week Carter was standing in front of me at the pantry as I was trying to get something off the top shelf. Well the cooking spray fell & hit him right under the eye! Poor little guy, I felt horrible!! It doesn't look that bad in this little pic so click on it if you want.
Here he is in his apron like Mommy...
Watch out Britney Spears! (He did this all on his own!)
Don't worry mom this isn't what he slept in! He wanted them on in the morning & I snapped a pic because I love his little bare legs with the bear slippers on!
Playing with his Christmas gifts. GeoTrax & GeoAir. (Remote control train & airplane.) I know the plane looks really cute but it is going back. It doesn't work very well.
He always has to have a Mohawk when I shampoo his hair.
This is what Carter does when I'm in the bathroom.
This kid is so funny....
This was right before Christmas. He saw this guy at Costco & went up to him & said "mama cheese!" For us to take his picture. Luckily we did have the camera.
At the park.
Carter in bed with his favorite blanket.
This little boy is such a challenge but we love him to death & he has such a funny personality! We love you so much Mr. Carter!