christmas fun (part 2)

We went to Ethel M chocolate factory. They have a ton of lights outside, you can tour the factory, & get a sample of chocolate. It was pretty cold but the kids loved it!

Carter with the girl green m&m

He's so cute

The family

Papa & Scarlet

Drinking some hot chocolate. It tasted like you were just drinking melted chocolate.

Then we went to Sam's Town. We had already been but Carter really wanted to show his grandparents the water show. It was really cool & free!

Love this one of Carter! Scarlet never looks

Me & my boy

Yaya & Papa with the kids

Just the 3 of us. Scarlet just wanted to walk around & I guess Carter was over taking pictures.

Yaya & Carter

It was pretty in their atrium

The best grandparents!


christmas fun (part 1)

Here is some of the fun we've been having. My whole family was at my parent's for Thanksgiving. We went & saw the live nativity at Tuacahn. Here are the grand kids except Scarlet.

My siblings, my mom really wanted this picture!
Love this one of my nieces!

That was fun!

When we were back in Vegas we went to Bass Pro shop. They always have some little fun Christmas things to do. Here are the kids having fun in a sleigh.

Love them!

Us by the fire

Carter looking at the fish.


aviation nation

I'm behind, this was a month ago. My dad was on his way down to California so he stopped by for a night. I had to work but Dan, dad, & the kids went to see the planes. Dan took Carter a couple years ago & I couldn't go then either. Maybe next year, they love it.

Next to the big tires.

I thought this was cool with the colors.
Carter with a missile.

This is fun!


Carter the pilot.

Love this one! Carter & his co-pilot!