Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas everyone! I hope you all have a safe and happy holiday. We are off to Wisconsin tomorrow so I'll get some more posts when we come back. Carter didn't know what to make of this situation but its better than a picture of him crying his head off. Have a Happy New Year!


This new post is a little late but here are some cute pictures from all the fun we had! Everyone was in St. George and it was fun to be with everyone.
Carter's first hair cut.
All the grand kids! (I love Griffin's face in this picture!)
On the tractor.

Carter, Maddox, and Griffin.

Carter having fun.


Little Stinker!

Star of the show at trunk or treat
Showing off

Mommy & Carter with the storm troopers

Having fun

Trick or treating at the mall

Pumpkin Patch

Our little family on a HOT Halloween day
Carter on a ride that wasnt going because he was to young

Carter with the little punkins

Carter & Dan at the pumpkin patch


Carter & Cody

Sorry for all the videos lately, but this one is really cute. It's kind of long so bare with it, because Carter starts laughing.


More walking

Here is the real cute one of him cruising around!

Carter's walking!!

I have a longer video but I can't seem to upload it. I'll try and get it on here because it's really cute. For now enjoy this short one! :)



Ok this is a little late but I thought I would share it. Last month Dan took me to see Celine Dion's show at Caesar's Palace. If you know me you know I love her, and it was her last year. Dan's uncle and friend came in from Wisconsin and went with us. We went to a Brazilian restaurant at the Mirage before the show. We had a blast, the show was amazing! Thanks to yaya and papa for driving down to watch Carter. It was great to get out! Leyla and Grant you'll have to go with us next time!


Fun at the park

Last Sunday we took Carter to the park for the first time. He didn't really know what to make of it but he loves being outside and likes to watch the kids play. He didn't like the little kids slide so I took him down the big one!


Nothing but trouble!

I don't think these pictures need explaining!!!


5 year anniversary

Well today is our 5th anniversary and I can't believe it. It doesn't seem like it's been that long! I just want to say that I love Dan very much. He is such a great husband and loving father. Carter and I couldn't have asked for better! I'm so excited to eventually add to our family and be together forever!!


Caribbean Cruise

We just love this picture. It was at Grand Turk.
Carter getting ready for the lifeboat drill. Every boat does it before they leave and it is NO fun especially if it's HOT!

Carter, me, my brother, his wife and 2 boys on a beach in Half Moon Cay. It's an island owned by Carnival and it is the most beautiful beach I have ever been too!! We hope to go back.

Carter loved the beach! He was better for us on this cruise than at home!

Our cute little family in a submarine.

Leyla, Griffin, Maddox, Grant, Carter, me, and Dan at Coral World in St. Thomas.

Here is Carter and Dan at our dinner table on the ship. Carter's bip was made from the napkin, since we forgot one.


Carter's 1st birthday

Well sorry it has been awhile since I have updated my blog. We have been busy and then we went on vacation, you'll see those pictures next. It was Carter's birthday on August 18th and we had a fun Wiggly party. We can't believe he's already one! We will be trying again in the spring for those of you who wanted to know. Thank you yaya, papa, Emily, and Lindsy for being able to come. Thanks to everyone else for the gifts. Here are a few pics from the party.


Reminiscing The Past

Here are a few pictures of Carter when he was younger. They grow up so fast!


One month

Two months

Four months

Seven months

Eight months

Nine months

Ten months

What's new with Carter?

-He has learned how to get on top of our little square ottoman! (He is quite the daredevil)
-He can stand on his own for a little while.
-He can give you high five.
-He puts the cell phone up to his ear.
It is so fun to watch him learn!

One year check up

Carter had his one year check up today. He weighs a healthy 24 pounds and is 30 inches tall! He unfortunately had to have one shot and since its been 6 months since the last one it was very sad. He was just laying there enjoying a bottle when all of a sudden the nurse STABBED him!! He's doing good though but we have to go back for more shots. The doctor gave us the ok to start whole milk so we went to Costco and grabbed some. I hope he likes it cause we don't want to take formula on the cruise.