Merry Christmas!
May you all be in your happy place!


Oh Christmas tree....

oh Christmas tree... ok I guess you get the idea! We had fun getting our tree, we went to Star Nursery across the street because they had the best deals. I think Carter had fun, but he was more into the wagons they had. Dan held out the first tree & it was HUGE!! I told him it was his choice but I didn't think it was going to fit in the corner of our room. It was probably 7 ft high & it was so full & pretty. The height wasn't the problem, the problem was how round it was. So sure enough we get it home & in our family room & Dan says "It looks a lot smaller around all the other trees!" Well after moving some furniture we made it work, so what if you can't see the t.v. from some spots! We laugh & make jokes about it now! Great memories to remember.

Ready to go!
The "Beast!"
P.S. Don't mind my velour suit & Dan's running shoes, we normally don't dress that way, we just got done working out.


Turkey Day '09

We had a really good Thanksgiving in St. George with all of my family, except one brother. For our big dinner we went to my aunt's house. Her son & his family were there, so we had a total of 20 people! I love this time of year & being with the ones I love.
This is the only picture I took from Thanksgiving day. The kids were pretending to be Kitty Cat's & my sister was feeding them.
Here are all the grand kids. Kate, Maddox, Griffin, Mr. Carter, & Marissa.
Cousins fooling around.
My crazy kid!
One day we all headed over to the red rock that says Dixie on it. You can climb up & see the gorgeous view. Here are my cute twin nieces.
The view of St. George.
My crazy nephew! (It runs in the family!)
Yaya & Papa with most of the grand kids.
I love this one. Carter didn't want to take a picture & Marissa's face is hilarious!
My brother Grant & I. We chose to sit & wait for everyone so we didn't get our shoes dirty! :-)
Carter & Dan.
I also love this one because Madd didn't want to take the picture & the girls are just looking at him like what's wrong!?
Finally us taking a pic in front of the beautiful red rock.


Wisconsin 2009

We were in Wisconsin from Nov. 5-15th, for Dan's sister Sarah's wedding. We flew into Milwaukee & stayed a few days there to be with her. We also stayed one night at Dan's uncle Scotty's house. On Saturday Dan's mom & sister, Sam, drove a hour an a half from Beaver Dam (a very small town) to Milwaukee so we could all go to Discovery World. That was fun and afterwards we went to get dinner. They didn't have a kids menu so we ordered a side of mac and cheese for Carter & it was so good! Everyone was taking bites! Then on Sunday we headed down to Grandma's house & had lots of fun till the wedding on Saturday. We went to the park on the lake, had a bonfire in Grandma's backyard, colored, played with play-doh, went to Dan's friends house, made cupcakes & played with there kids, went to a Wildlife Sanctuary, visited Sadie at her new apartment, went to O'ma & O'pa's, celebrated Sarah & O'ma's birthdays, etc.... Then on Saturday Nov. 14th Dan's sister Sarah married Steve. It was a beautiful wedding and Carter did a good job at being the ring bearer! The reception had good food, cupcakes, & dancing. We had a lot of fun on our trip & hope that Grandma comes to Vegas soon to see our world! Thanks again to everyone for letting us crash at your house & having fun with us!



I know this is really overdue but cut me some slack we just got back from Wisconsin & I've been sick. We had a good Halloween. The night before we went to our neighbors party & had a great time. My neighbor is too cute & goes all out! Then on Halloween we went to Lake Las Vegas & trick or treated around the stores. There aren't that many stores, so then we went to the District which is an outdoor shopping mall. It was packed so I wanted to go door to door but Dan thought this was safer so we stayed & got a lot of candy. Then we got some dinner & went home.
This was Carter when we first got to the party. It took him awhile to warm up.
The Policeman & Super Why.
What a good looking cop!
The cop & Mr. Incredible.
We just threw candy on the floor for a free for all! The kids were young, they didn't mind.
The cute dessert my neighbor made.
The cop & robbers.
Carter & I at the Lake.
The robbers.
Trick or treat!
Check out my cool stuff!
Put your hands up...
your under arrest!
Having fun with the smoke.
Until next year.


The Ranch

My sister Emily & my parents were in town a couple of weekends ago. We had a lot of fun, thanks again mom & Em for helping me find a dress, even if I found the right one after you guys left. These are the only pictures I took while they were here. We went to check out a ranch that was here in Vegas that my dad read about in the paper. I didn't really want to go but my dad says we never want to do what he does, so we went. I think when the day was over my dad was wishing we wouldn't have done what he wanted! It was a hot day, the petting zoo smelled so bad, & we watched a terrible show! I guess we had fun though since we were together & that's all that matters!
Papa & Carter.
All of us.
Em being crazy. I think this would make a nice profile pic on Facebook!
Carter had to copy.
Carter & a goat.
These guys scare me! Maybe it's the eyes.
Cute mama & her baby.
The girls.
Grab the bull by it's horns!
I love Swans, maybe it has something to do with the movie The Notebook.
Feeding the ducks & swans.
Say cheese.
Sorry for a bunch of the same pics, but everyone needed a turn. First up mom & dad...
then Dan & dad....
Em & Carter....
and finally me & Dan.
Headed back to the car to go home.
Carter & Auntie Em.
My beautiful sis & I.