minute to win it

Awhile ago we took Carter to a primary activity called minute to win it, they got the idea from a game show with that same title. He had a blast after he warmed up.
First up, fanning a plastic egg into a square. He didn't want to do this at first but once he did he kept asking if it was his turn.
Here he is with his team.
Next up, trying to catch a gummy worm with a wet pretzel.
Carter's turn.
Then they strapped tissue boxes to their bums & put 3 ping pong balls in them. The kids had to shake their bums & jump around to get them out. The best game!Hey what's in there!?
Trying to suck up skittles & put them in another bowl.
And lastly trying to balance an apple on top of another.
This was such a cute idea & the kids had so much fun.