Back in August, yes I'm way behind as usual, Mr Carter turned 7!  Last year we had a big party so we kept it small this year.  We just had a few friends come play games at Chuck e Cheese.  I think you can tell from the pictures below that we had fun!  We love you so much baby boy!!
This handsome boy is 7!
Laci & Carter going for a ride.
 Lexi, Carter, & Laci
 Yummy cake from Costco....of course!
 Get them all!
 Scarlet & daddy having fun!
 Playing her favorite game.
 Oh wait I think the carousel was her favorite!
 Johnny & Carter shooting it up!
 Ready for the ticket blaster!  We made him tuck in his shirt so he had a better chance!
 He loved it!
 The party people!
 Scarlet with tickets longer than her!
 Let's see how much we got!
 He woke up on his actual birthday to a new bike & helmet & was a happy boy!