Hello blogging world! Did you miss me!? Actually did the 2 people that look at this miss me? I had a baby & a few weeks after that went to Utah for 3 weeks. So I haven't updated this for awhile. So here are lots of pictures of what's been going on.
The night before I had Scarlet, 11 days early, I had a shower. The nice girls at church through it. Thanks girls!
My co-worker Sara.
Right after we came home.
Thinking & holding her pacifier.
Big bro & Lil sis
Cozy in bed.
Here are Halloween pics. Yes he was a piece of pizza. I took him to Old Navy & tried on a bunch of cute costumes. I had him try this one on as a joke & of course it's the one he wanted!

Enjoying cotton candy at our church festival.
Papa went with Dan & Carter.
Here is Scarlet's Halloween outfit.
I love the huge boots!
While my parents were here my mom gave her a bath everyday, with the help of Carter, & she loves it.
Photo shoot.
Work it cute girl.
The best big brother helping out.
We went out to dinner for Thanksgiving. It was a great choice. Here are my parents, brother, & Carter.
The whole gang. We missed you Em, TJ, Maddox, Griffin, Scott, Caren, Marissa, & Katelyn!
My happy boy.
Hey who are you!?
Pretty girl!
Raking the leaves at Yaya & Papa's...
so he could play in them.
Holding my hands.
Scarlet's Christmas dress.
This is how she fell asleep on her dad.
I was trying to get a smile.
Christmas pics next, hopefully it won't take me 2 months!



Scarlet Maren
6 pounds 15 ounces
19 inches
I want to tell her birth story so if you don't like that sort of thing just skip & look at the cute pictures. I had a baby shower on the 21st, & I was so worried about it being last minute. We had fun & I was planning on getting her pack & play & diapers the next day since my c-section wasn't scheduled till the 26th. The next morning I woke up, went to the bathroom, ate breakfast, & then got on my dad's laptop & checked my email. I was reading about my 39 week update when all the sudden a huge gush of liquid came out!! I said "Oh my gosh I think my water just broke!" My dad & Dan were like serious & started freaking out, as did I! So Dan went & grabbed a towel to put on the floor so I could stand up. When I stood up they both agreed that it was my water. So I went & took a shower & got ready while Dan packed the bags, yes even those weren't ready! And yes I had to look good! Luckily my dad was with us so he could watch Carter & off we went to the hospital. My mom went to California to see my sister & was coming back the day before I was supposed to have the baby. She was mad this little girl had different plans, but what can you do. We arrived around 1:00 p.m. & went to triage. I changed into a gown & soon after the nurse checked me. She tried to tell us that it wasn't amniotic fluid, she thought it was pee! We were really annoyed & wanted a second opinion because she was going to send us home! Finally after a few hours of waiting, wondering what they were going to say another nurse came in & checked me & said oh yeah that's fluid & your staying. After some more freaking out, & four hours in triage we made some phone calls & they got me ready for the c-section. I went into the O.R. around 5:00 p.m. & had her at 5:33 p.m on Friday, Carter was born on a Friday also. I thought she was going to weigh as much or more than her brother, who was 8.5. Guess not since technically she was 11 days early! The c-section was such a different & better experience. I had such a hard labor with Carter & pushed for 3 hours! So I told my doctor about that & he let me do a c-section & I'm glad we did it.
Happy daddy ready to go.
Dan cutting the cord.
Hello world!
Let's do this. (Sorry this one is out of order)
Mommy & baby girl.
Meeting big brother & Papa.
Papa & his girl.
Big brother & little sister.
Hey who are you?
Little peanut.
Eyes open.
Carter brought these for me & his sister.
Gotta have a bow!
My kids & I.
Our NEW family.
Let's go home.


pumpkin patch 2010

It's that time of year again! Fall & Halloween, I love it!! We really need to find a different pumpkin patch though. Every year the pictures are pretty much the same we are just all a year older. My parents are in town & we met up with our old neighbors Melissa & Dan & their little boy Noah. It was a warm night but we had a good time.
The Ram
Time for rides
& games.
Yaya, me, & sassy pants
The "twins"
Feeding the animals
Happy Halloween!
I think this ride is going to be really fun...
yep this is so awesome!
Riding the train with my best buddies.
The gang!
Can't wait to go to another pumpkin patch!