Easter 2009

We had a fun Easter. A week before Easter on Friday night we went to the mall to see the Easter Bunny. Saturday we went to Town Square where they were having a huge Easter egg hunt & we forgot our camera. It was kind of lame because the eggs were empty then you had to go stand in line to get a handful of candy. I hope we have a backyard by next year so we can do our own hunt. Then that night we dyed eggs & Carter just liked to put them in the water. On Easter since my parents were out of town we went over to out neighbors house & and had dinner & another egg hunt. We had a good time and Carter loved playing with his friends! Hopefully we will get a family pic next time.
Here are the pieces of "art."
Here is the basket he loved.

He loved Brobee from the show Yo Gabba Gabba.
Seeing what else is in there.
Carter & his new pet.
Carter, Olivia, & Noah. ( I know this picture is out of place.)

Off to see the Easter Bunny.

Having fun.
Riding on Noah's toy.
Carter & his loot.


California (part 2)

Here are a lot more pictures from our California trip. Sorry for so many but I didn't really want there to be a part 3 & 4. And mostly just my family looks at this so they don't mind all the pics.
Let's start with the view from my sisters place. She lives in this cute little studio in Laguna Beach. We stayed there for our first 2 nights & it is small but decorated so cute! The next 2 pictures were taken from her balcony.

Now for this little guy who wasn't due to arrive until April 20th. I guess he just really wanted to meet us because he came the day after we got there. His name is Hudson & his mom is my sisters best friend who is kind of like another sister to me. He is so adorable & so small, he only weighed 4 pounds!

Carter took this one of Hudson's daddy.
Carter making sure Hudson's car is ok.

Now for a couple random pics. Here are my 2 handsome bell hops!
We of course had to try Sprinkles. I bought the mix from Williams & Sonoma last year, so we tried to make them & they were horrible. Glad to say they were much better from the store.
I went to my favorite mani & pedi place to get my favorite polka dot pedicure! I went with my old friend Amelia who I haven't seen in like 7 years. It was great to see her & I'm sorry I didn't get any pics with her.

Here our some fun pics from our few hours at the beach. We are sorry we didn't go more but we were a little busy. At first Carter didn't like the sand in his crocs so I took them off. Then he didn't like the feel of it. As you can see he warmed up to it. I wish we lived here so I wouldn't have a kid that had to get used to the beach!
Carter & Dan playing in the sand.
The 3 most handsome & important men in my life!
Smile! Seriously I don't know what's up with this kids smile.
Carter loving the beach.

Ok we are at the home stretch! :) The last few are from our fun day at Sea World. It was a beautiful day, a lot cooler than Disneyland.
In front of the stinky Flamingos.
I thought these pics that Dan took of Shamu are so cool.
Man he's huge! I always thought it would be fun to be a trainer.
Carter checking Shamu out.
Carter & the pig. This show is so cute, it's amazing how they can train dogs, cats, birds, ducks & pigs.
Carter & I. Can you see the huge fish lurking in the background!?
We went back to get our stroller & this is what we found!
I think these all white Beluga whales are cool.
Carter having lots of fun at the Sesame Street play area.
Our little family.
The End.


California (part 1)

We were in California all last week and had so much fun. I can't believe it was almost two years since we've been back! We are so used to the desert that we forgot how beautiful it is! I have so many pictures that here is just part 1 of the trip. As you can see it's pics from Disneyland, having fun at the Spectrum, & dinner at BJ's in Laguna Beach.