Also back in October Scarlet turned 3!  We had a fun little princess party in the park, with old & new friends!  This little girl is growing up too fast.  We love you Scarlet!!
The set up...fit for our princess. 
Sydney & Scarlet having some lunch.
Time for pin the heart on the necklace.
Birthday girl first!
Right there!

I missed!

Leila's turn.
Now for brother's turn.  No peeking!

Guess he wasn't!
Pinata time!
Funny little story.  Sydney pulled the right string & she was only the second or third one to try.  So I just let the kids get the candy instead of giving everyone a turn.  They were mad!  Oops!

Time for cake, or in our case mini pink & purple cupcakes with glitter!

Ready for us to sing to her.
Make a wish baby girl!

Present time!

Thanks Sydney!
Her first helmet.
Carter, birthday girl, Kenna, & Lydia at the end of a great party!  Thanks to everyone who came & celebrated our little princess!


let's go back

Way back, like October, and play catch up!  I am so behind on here & just want to get current!  The next few pictures are from Carter's school fall festival. The school gave away some really amazing baskets full of toys, gift cards, money, legos, etc. but we didn't win anything.  It was a cold night for October & we weren't really prepared, but we had fun!
Shooting hoops
 Scarlet's turn

Ready, set, 

You can't really tell by her face but she loved it!
Bean bag toss.  Man I miss her long hair!
These were also a hit. Very cool, I've never seen anything like them.