Carter had a school carnival, dad couldn't make it.  He had lots of fun playing games & winning lots of prizes, even a real goldfish.  He was excited about that but sadly he died 2 days later.  He has bugged for another one ever since! 
Angry birds
Go Carter!
Looks like it went in, but it didn't.
Check out my cool vampire teeth!
Playing horseshoes with Johnny.
Just a random cute picture of my baby girl!

Father, Son....
& Papa campout!
Carter was so happy his Papa could go with him!
Being goofy in front of their tent!
Carter & Logan just shooting the breeze!
Throwing rocks.

Then came Mother's Day. I had a good one, so glad my parents came down & celebrated with us!  Just a cute profile pic of my Princess!
Happy Mother's Day Mom!!  The kids posing with my gifts, which as you can see were flowers & my favorite cereal from Carter, my favorite See's candy, & in the bag was my wedding ring! I haven't been able to wear it for a few years cause of a loose diamond.  So happy to have it back on my finger! 
3 generations!  I love you mom & hope you had a great day!  If I can be just half as good as you are then I think I'll be ok!  Thanks for coming down.