touch a truck

Last Saturday while Scarlet & I went to a baby shower Dan took Carter to Touch a Truck. He saw an ad in the paper & thought it would be fun for him. They had all sorts of trucks, cranes, mighty machines & other cool things. Pretty much he was in Heaven with all things that little boys love! Please excuse the outfit & hair that wasn't done, I didn't get him ready & I guess he was having so much fun that's why he's making all sorts of crazy faces! :-)
Here he is in the garbage truck
The one pic of them together in front of the police/swat truck
Cool robot that finds bombs
In the city bus...
then in the driver's seat
Street sweeper
These are some big tires

This is so fun

I'm gonna get you
How do I look?!

Just my size
Look how small I look....for once
So cool

On a side note...this little princess is 5 months now!!!

I know everyone says this but times really does fly!