The Park

Dan is usually home from work by 2:30 or before, so the other day we went to a cute park in Henderson. The weather was so nice! We are ready for it to be cold.
My precious Carter
Crazy slide
Climbing up the "rocks"
Just being Mr. Carter on the swings
Having fun on the whale airplane
& the car.
Before this trip every time we went to a park Carter would NEVER go down the slides! All of a sudden at this park he goes down all of them without us even asking. For a kid to never go down slides & then to go on this BIG one below is funny. I love how kids are always changing & doing new things.


7 years as mr. & mrs.

September 6th was our 7 year anniversary & we were in St. George since it was Labor Day weekend. We had a lot of fun being by ourselves. I would just like to say that I love you Dan & I'm so thankful for all that you do for our family!
Here we are before going out. We went to the Texas Roadhouse for a delicious feast...
the rolls & peanuts, were you just throw the shells on the ground,
my meal, a lot of meat & it was good,
Dan's meal.
Then we went to see this movie, weird but good &
us before the movie started.



All of our birthday's were in August so I'm going to blog about them. I only have pictures from Dan's big day. Mine was first & the day started off with a scavenger hunt that led me to a cute pair of sandals I wanted!! Then at night our neighbors watched Carter so Dan & I went to Red Robin & a movie. It was a great day! For Carter's day we didn't do too much, just went to the water park since he already had a party in Utah. Dan had to work on his day but at night we went to Red Robin again because they give you a free burger, and let's face it people we are in a recession, plus Dan loves the Robin! After that Cold Stone because who would pass up free ice cream for your birthday. It was a fun month & we want to thank everyone for the well wishes, cards, & phone calls!
Dan & Carter at Red Robin
Carter coloring
We walked around the mall for a little bit. Carter took off his shoes for some reason & this is how he put them back on.
Carter working out
Dan wanted to try out the bed & I think he got a little too comfortable
Talking to his sister