Little Stinker!

Star of the show at trunk or treat
Showing off

Mommy & Carter with the storm troopers

Having fun

Trick or treating at the mall


Erin said...

i like his skunk costume!! so cute...my cousin's little boy had the same costume.

kirkandchelsea said...

Hi Stacy! It was so fun hearing from you! It's been forever, I know! Your little boy is so adorable and it looks like you guys have a good time out here in Vegas. Kirk and I have been here for about a year and a half; we live in Summerlin, kinda by Red Rock- where are you guys? Obviously not around here or I swear I would have run into you! Good and bad news, we are going to be moving back to San Clemente in the beginning of next year sometime, so we'll have to be in touch! Hope all is well:)