Fun weekend

A couple of weekends ago my sister Emily came to visit from California and Ya ya & Papa came down from St. George. It was a short visit for my sister but we had fun and it was great to see her. We hate not living in the same state anymore. I know it's not that far but we used to see each other every weekend. She cut every ones hair so mine does not look like this anymore. Thanks for coming Em, we love and miss you!
Me, Emily, & mom
I have heard so much hype about Sprinkles cupcakes that I bought the mix from Williams-Sonoma. My mom and I made them over the weekend and they were not good. I don't know if we made them wrong or what. I am going to give them a second chance when we go to California in June.
Ya ya & Papa feeding the hungry babies
Carter driving ya ya's car


Julia said...

It's so good to see your family (if only in pictures). You guys are adorable!

Leyla... said...

You Leeds girls look so cute! I'm glad you guys had a great time together!

Kirk + Chelsea said...

How fun getting to see your family! Your mom and sister look just how I remember them! Sorry your cupcakes didn't turn out so well, maybe it was an altitude thing? Hope all is well in Vegas!

The Surfing B Family said...

You definitely need to go to sprinkles when you come Cali. The red velvet cupcake is the BEST! We should hang out when you come down. I was just thinking of you the other day when I heard "Mo Money Mo Problems" on the radio. Good times:) Are you going to be in OC? We should have a big reunion with all the girls in our yw class.

Erin said...

I love seeing pictures of your family! you all look so good.

You nee dto try "The Cupcakery" in Vegas. They have the best cupcakes! seriously...THE.BEST. kind of expensive, but totally worth it. If you can't find one there I will find out the address for you.

Pooley said...

As a daughter and one of the special Mom's in my life, I want to say HAPPY MOTHER'S day and thinks for anyother "Fun weekend". Mom's should have a happy mother's day each day and I hope you do!!!!!!!! Love you.