Family in town

A few weeks ago Dan's sister Sam came to visit from Wisconsin. She stayed with us for a couple of days then we drove to Baker where Dan's dad, Bill, meet us from Victorville and took her to his house for a week and a half. We had some lunch at Bob's Big Boy then went our separate ways. When they were done at Bill's house Sam & Bill came back up to our house for a few more days. We had so much fun!! We went to the pool, the Hoover Dam, a Secret Garden & Dolphin Habitat, and of course the Strip! Thanks for visiting Sam & Bill, hope to see you again soon.
Sam & Mr. Carter
Hanging out on the couch
Hoover Dam
View from the Dam
Me, Dan, Carter, & Sam (It was a 110 degrees!)
Sam messing around on the strip
Bill, Carter, & Dan with the Big Boy
The cute dolphins Carter & grandpa
The adorable cubs
Dan, Me, Carter, Sam, & Bill at the Secret Garden


Nikki said...

What? I would LOVE it if you added me to your list. When I saw your blog I was so excited to see you again. I'll add you to my list, too :)

sarah said...

I will send you those pics of when Steve and I were out there. They turned out really good! :) Hope all is well! Love you guys!

Stacy said...

Thanks Sarah, that would be great! We love you too and miss you!