Pumpkin Patch

The first weekend of October we went to a pumpkin patch on a farm in St. George with my parents. To Carter they are known as ya ya & papa, just so you know when you see those names below. It was so much fun now that he is older. I cant wait to go to another one here in Vegas. I LOVE this time of year! WARNING EXCESSIVE PHOTOS!
Carter posing with the scarecrow
Testing the tractor out
This pig was disgusting & kept snorting at us!
Baby cow licking Carter & Dan
Ropin' Dummies. (In case you couldn't figure it out.)
Being silly
My favorite picture of me & my monkey
Ya ya & Papa with there favorite grand kid! :)
Our little family on the cow train
This picture was taken right after Carter threw a pumpkin and I told him to stop!
Carter with his favorite person
Me & my twin
These cute little horses were made out of tires
Lets go home!


The B's said...

How fun! We love the pumpkin patch. I need to take my kids there soon.

Julia said...

That looks like an awsome place! You guys all look so cute. I hope this isnt mean, but the picture of Carter crying made me laugh.

Stacy said...

No Julia it's not mean that you laughed at Carter. That's why I put that picture on here, because it's funny! Does that make me a mean mom!?

jill & rich said...

Stacy....it's Rich & Jill from Aliso Viejo....your little man is soooo cute!!!! Hope you're all doing well.