So I know these are a little late but I'm behind and have been sick for the second time in a month! For Halloween we went to Town Square, a big outdoor shopping mall. It was not that fun. It was warm out so Carter was hot, WAY too many people, and every store seem to be giving out gum! Everyone was saying how cute the dinosaur was even though he was a dragon and like Carter's first Halloween a stranger even took his picture! I think next year we will try door to door! Ok, now onto Thanksgiving!

The darling dragon trying to cool down!
He couldn't say trick-or-treat but he could say MORE!
The spooky ghost
Back shot
Having fun with Papa
And just for fun here is our kitchen all decorated!


The B's said...

Cute halloween pictures, and cute kitchen. This holiday is so much fun with little kids.

Paul, Missy and Riley said...

Hey, Found your blog on Chelsea's... So great to see how your doing!

Leyla... said...

Cutest dinosaur ever!