Keeping it real!

So usually you never hear the bad parts about people lives on their blogs but its 8:00 pm & I just got out of the shower! My kid has not been taking naps & just falls apart at night! That's how most days are around here. Its a rarity if I have us both ready for the day & out the door doing something fun. When we do go out I better have the stroller because this kid will not stay by you for nothing! I believe that those "dog" leashes for kids were invented for Carter, but I can't bring myself to use one because of all the stares from people. I normally don't care what others think but I just think it looks like your walking your child. My mom used to have one for us but it went around our wrists & hers. Anyone know where to find one of those, because this kid wants to walk everywhere!
I feel like we are in such a rut & I don't know where to begin to fix it. We pretty much do the same things everyday. We only have one couple that are friends and we don't see them often. What do stay at home moms do all day when they don't have money to go spend!? Do they all get up & shower before the kids are up? I take Carter in the shower with me sometimes but he always wants a bath, so if he had a bath what do I do with him while I shower? I cant just leave him in the family room with the t.v on, he will get into EVERYTHING!!
Best time of the day is when everyone is asleep & I'm watching t.v. Is that horrible? Sorry for the ranting & raving I just needed to get this out & any advice from the few moms that read my blog would be much appreciated!! Hows that for reality!?

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Caren said...

Stacy it is good to read a blog post from you that is so relatable. We are definitely in that boat we don't do much with others. We for sure don't have the money to spend. Sometimes it works out that others schedules works with ours, but usually it is just the girls and I. We do lots at the library. It is free and gets us out of the house. Story time, singing time, puppet show, and just reading books.(sometimes i go to a different city if the time works better for me or the activity is more fun) Sometimes I shower at night so that I can just bath the girls in the morning and be at story time at 10 or 11 depending on what the plan is. Parks are free and we do lots of that, the RS usually has some kind of play date. I will go and see if i can meet up with them and chit chat and let the kids play. We sometimes go to Scott's work and let the girls swing or jump on the trampoline:) I hope those help that is what we do. I just started baking with the girls they love to break eggs and "help" It makes a mess but it is fun for them and I usually like to see them have fun. When are you taking about going to Ca. I hope it works out that we will all be there at the same time. Hey can you send me the pictures you have from Christmas. You have some way cute ones. Hope to see you soon.