Easter 2009

We had a fun Easter. A week before Easter on Friday night we went to the mall to see the Easter Bunny. Saturday we went to Town Square where they were having a huge Easter egg hunt & we forgot our camera. It was kind of lame because the eggs were empty then you had to go stand in line to get a handful of candy. I hope we have a backyard by next year so we can do our own hunt. Then that night we dyed eggs & Carter just liked to put them in the water. On Easter since my parents were out of town we went over to out neighbors house & and had dinner & another egg hunt. We had a good time and Carter loved playing with his friends! Hopefully we will get a family pic next time.
Here are the pieces of "art."
Here is the basket he loved.

He loved Brobee from the show Yo Gabba Gabba.
Seeing what else is in there.
Carter & his new pet.
Carter, Olivia, & Noah. ( I know this picture is out of place.)

Off to see the Easter Bunny.

Having fun.
Riding on Noah's toy.
Carter & his loot.

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