July 24th

We just got back from being in St. George for awhile, so there are a lot of posts to come. One of the first things we did was go to the park for the 24th. It is Pioneer Day in Utah so they had a parade, games, food, music, & races. Very similar to the 4th, so these pictures will look a lot alike. It was so HOT but I had fun because Carter did. The things you do for your kids! We also had a early pirate party for Carter's 3rd birthday, lots of swimming, & family fun.
Carter & Dan at the parade
Cow train
Carter getting a sparkler on his face
My cute monkey
Carter fishing for a prize
We did this a couple of times. In the beginning they were giving away cheap stuff & then at the end they were handing out big stuffed animals. Some were so cute but we got stuck with Rudolph!
That's all for now, I was too hot to be in any pictures or take them.


The B's said...

Looks like so much fun for the little guy. i love pioneer day! by the way, are you going to the reunion?

Stacy said...

I thought about going but it turns out my sister in law is getting married that exact day in Wisconsin! Are you going?