Turkey Day '09

We had a really good Thanksgiving in St. George with all of my family, except one brother. For our big dinner we went to my aunt's house. Her son & his family were there, so we had a total of 20 people! I love this time of year & being with the ones I love.
This is the only picture I took from Thanksgiving day. The kids were pretending to be Kitty Cat's & my sister was feeding them.
Here are all the grand kids. Kate, Maddox, Griffin, Mr. Carter, & Marissa.
Cousins fooling around.
My crazy kid!
One day we all headed over to the red rock that says Dixie on it. You can climb up & see the gorgeous view. Here are my cute twin nieces.
The view of St. George.
My crazy nephew! (It runs in the family!)
Yaya & Papa with most of the grand kids.
I love this one. Carter didn't want to take a picture & Marissa's face is hilarious!
My brother Grant & I. We chose to sit & wait for everyone so we didn't get our shoes dirty! :-)
Carter & Dan.
I also love this one because Madd didn't want to take the picture & the girls are just looking at him like what's wrong!?
Finally us taking a pic in front of the beautiful red rock.

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