Scarlet Maren
6 pounds 15 ounces
19 inches
I want to tell her birth story so if you don't like that sort of thing just skip & look at the cute pictures. I had a baby shower on the 21st, & I was so worried about it being last minute. We had fun & I was planning on getting her pack & play & diapers the next day since my c-section wasn't scheduled till the 26th. The next morning I woke up, went to the bathroom, ate breakfast, & then got on my dad's laptop & checked my email. I was reading about my 39 week update when all the sudden a huge gush of liquid came out!! I said "Oh my gosh I think my water just broke!" My dad & Dan were like serious & started freaking out, as did I! So Dan went & grabbed a towel to put on the floor so I could stand up. When I stood up they both agreed that it was my water. So I went & took a shower & got ready while Dan packed the bags, yes even those weren't ready! And yes I had to look good! Luckily my dad was with us so he could watch Carter & off we went to the hospital. My mom went to California to see my sister & was coming back the day before I was supposed to have the baby. She was mad this little girl had different plans, but what can you do. We arrived around 1:00 p.m. & went to triage. I changed into a gown & soon after the nurse checked me. She tried to tell us that it wasn't amniotic fluid, she thought it was pee! We were really annoyed & wanted a second opinion because she was going to send us home! Finally after a few hours of waiting, wondering what they were going to say another nurse came in & checked me & said oh yeah that's fluid & your staying. After some more freaking out, & four hours in triage we made some phone calls & they got me ready for the c-section. I went into the O.R. around 5:00 p.m. & had her at 5:33 p.m on Friday, Carter was born on a Friday also. I thought she was going to weigh as much or more than her brother, who was 8.5. Guess not since technically she was 11 days early! The c-section was such a different & better experience. I had such a hard labor with Carter & pushed for 3 hours! So I told my doctor about that & he let me do a c-section & I'm glad we did it.
Happy daddy ready to go.
Dan cutting the cord.
Hello world!
Let's do this. (Sorry this one is out of order)
Mommy & baby girl.
Meeting big brother & Papa.
Papa & his girl.
Big brother & little sister.
Hey who are you?
Little peanut.
Eyes open.
Carter brought these for me & his sister.
Gotta have a bow!
My kids & I.
Our NEW family.
Let's go home.

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