christmas 2011

I guess we had a pretty good Christmas despite the fact that we were all sick! It was horrible, it lasted for over a week. We went to my mom & dad's house feeling ok, then a day or two of being there we were coughing, runny nose's, & weak. Anyways on to the few pictures we were able to take. The first 3 are from Town Square before we left. We love to go see that Santa in his cute house. It was a bummer this year though cause they had a different company doing it & it wasn't the best experience. The rest of the pictures are in Utah.

The best picture we could get.

The kids having fun in the "snow"

Carter took off his hat & started dancing

Classic! She wanted nothing to do with Santa & the car! Didn't realize my son was so white.

After feeling a little bit better my brother, Dad, & Dan took the boys fishing. Here is Carter waiting...

Getting some bait (out of order)

He got one!

I would say they had fun

Christmas Eve. Here is what my spoiled kids got! Thank you again Mom, Dad, & Grant for helping us!!

Scarlet, her best buddy Cody, & her fake dog for home!

Sweet I got a 3DS!

What's going on?!

Look what I got!

The only picture I got from New Year's Eve. We went to dinner, 25 Main for cupcakes, then back to my parent's for fireworks & Just Dance 3!


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