I can't believe this little boy is done with Kindergarten & going to be in 1st grade!!  He did not ever go to pre-school so it was a big deal.  He did great & it's crazy how fast it went.  He only went to school for 2 1/2 hours so it will be interesting to see how he does with being there all day.  Carter we are so proud of you & love you so much!

This picture kind of makes me sad....little boy on the first day all excited & a big boy over Kindergarten & ready for 1st grade!  Glad I remembered to take a picture on the first & last day.   
Singing a song with sign language. I may have cried a little bit...
A happy boy with his "diploma"
 Carter & Ms Barkley, we miss her, best teacher!

 Scarlet had to check everything out & I guess all the kids thought it was funny.

Shane & Carter, best buds.

Proud Mom & Dad!!

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