first grade graduation

So I was downloading pictures from my camera to my computer & I found these!  I totally forgot to blog about Carter's 1st grade "graduation" & pictures from his last day!  Can't believe in 1 week he will be a second grader & starting a new school!!
Waiting his turn to go in front of the class.  Love that little smirk! 
 The kids went up in groups & read a story to us.
 My handsome boy!
 A & B's good job Carter!  So proud of him but not looking forward to the homework fight in a week..!
 Carter & Miss Metz (loved her!)
 BFF's... Johnny & Carter!
 Silly kids!
 Carter with all the Mia's! Mia V, Mia D, & Mia O.
 Phillip, Dawnelle, & Carter getting goofy!
 LOVE these two!!
 Johnny, Savannah, Miss Metz, & Carter on the last day!  Pretty sure she was wearing her sunglasses to hide her tears! :-(
 Happy to get outta there!
 Wait....no he's not cause now he has to be home ALL day with his mom & sister!
 Scarlet's turn of course!  The princess can't be left out!

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