december 2012

So it's weird to be finally putting my Christmas pictures up with a Valentine's background on here!  Maybe that should have been my New Years resolution....to be better at blogging!  Anyways here is some of the things we did in December, when we weren't sick.
Riding the train at the mall.  
 In front of the huge tree at Town Square after taking a picture with Santa.
 Helping his sister.
 She still wasn't sure about the big guy so she sat on the rocking horse. Whatever it takes to get a smile!
 Ready to go home & decorate!
 Carter had a school play, The Elf Impersonator, he was the cutest little Elf'!
For most of Christmas break we were at my parents.  All my siblings came with their families.  Here is Carter, Scarlet, & Maddox playing a little Just Dance!
This was our first year with Elf on the Shelf & the kids loved it!  Carter named him Chuck & here are just some of the things that he was up to. (Sorry out of order) 

The boys in matching pj's of course, that my mom & brother got.
 Cousins ready for Santa!
 Can't handle it, love them!
 Spoiled......it was a good Christmas!
 So excited to get one of his & my favorite games!
 Some pretties of course!
 Love this one of Scarlet & Papa reading her new princess book.
 The grand kids with their favorite toy(s) from Santa.
 It snowed the day after Christmas & Scarlet was trying to catch some with her tongue!
While we were in Utah we celebrated Maddox's 10th birthday at a bounce house.  Can't believe I have a 10 year old nephew!  I love that I could capture these moments with my new camera! :-)
 Haha can't believe she went by herself, so brave!
 Scarlet, Maddox, Griffin, Carter....so fun.
We had so much fun in Utah it was great to be with everyone!  It was a great Christmas full of electronics!  So sad it's all over....till next time!

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