Christmas in Wisconsin

Christmas at our house before we left.
This is the view out of his aunt's house. Yep that's a frozen lake.

Christmas day at Dan's aunts house.

Us with Dan's sisters and cousin.

Carter and daddy playing in the snow.

Carter did not like going down this little hill with his aunt Sam.

We stayed at a condo for more room and this was the view from the front door.

This was at the Wisconsin airport. I thought it was such a cute picture!


The Surfing B Family said...

That looks like you had so much fun. How nice to have a white Christmas.

Leyla... said...

Mr. Carter looks adorable in his snow suit! It looks like you guys had a lot of fun!

Stacy said...

It was nice to have a white Christmas but I'm glad to be back home! :) Carter could barely move in that snow suit. He was afraid of the snow at first and then he warmed up to it and started eating it!