Hip Hip Hooray!

DAN GOT A JOB!!!! Dan has been unemployed for 7 months and he just got a job last Friday. He is joining a HVAC union, which is plumbing, pipe fitting, welding, refrigeration, and air conditioning. He doesn't know much about it but we hope he likes it. So today I gave them a weeks notice, because that's all I could give them. He has orientation on the 10th & 11th. I am so excited to be going back home to be with Carter! I am also going to start babysitting my neighbors little boy during the day. This apprenticeship is for 5 years so I guess we will be here for awhile.


Leyla... said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!! We're so excited for you guys! We'll call you later!

Jeremy said...

Hey Dan, congratulations to you!!! That's so awesome. :)