Per request

Dan's sister asked for more recent pictures of Carter so here they are.
Carter in his Green Bay Packers outfit that he got for Christmas.

Bath time fun

Carter's pompadour

Carter & Cody begging for food

Carter's 1st time having spaghetti with no help


Leyla... said...

Too cute! Carter looks so big in his Green Bay Packers outfit! I love the pompadour! We hope we get to see you guys in person this weekend!

Stacy said...

Thanks. He is big, time flys. We hope to see you guys too but I'm not holding my breath!

Julia said...

Hi Stacy! It's Julia (Jeppson). I just found your blog off Erin's. What a cute little boy you have!! I'm so happy to see you! :) It's been a long time!

Stacy said...
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The Surfing B Family said...

Carter is so cute. Those pictures are classic. I need to take some lessons from you on how to get the wall paper and music on my blog, yours is so cute!