Happy Birthday Mr. Carter!

I cant believe my baby is 2 today! Where did the time go!? Her are just a few pictures from his "first" birthday. This kid is so challenging but we love him so much, we wouldn't have it any other way. We had his party over the weekend so those pictures are to come. I just wanted to go back in time and remember the day that changed our lives! We love you Mr. Binks!!
The proud dada
The VERY tired mama
Happy Birthday monkey!


Leyla... said...

Yeah! You figured it out - you'll have to tell me what you did. Love the baby pictures! They grow up fast - enjoy everyday!

Nikki said...

So he was a birthday present for you! What a beautiful baby he was. Parenting can be so hard! But I agree that it's wonderful and not to be traded for anything else.

Stacy said...

Well Leyla, I didnt do anything. I found them on my computer! :)