Happy Birthday To Me!

If you know me then you know I'm not modest about telling the world its my birthday! Besides if I don't toot my own horn who's going to!? :) August is the Perham family birthday month. I'm first, then Mr. Carter on the 18th, and Dan on the 25th. So there will be a post for all of our b-days. The picture above was on my 25th b-day 2 years ago when I was prego. Yep that's right I'm 27! Tonight we will probably just go to Red Robin because they give you a free burger for your birthday. Then maybe to Cold Stone because they give you a free ice cream, which makes my day! I saw on another persons blog that they told friends to leave a memory of them in the comment section. So on this special day feel free to leave a memory of me that you might have.


Nikki said...

Happy birthday to us! Well, mine was two days ago. Time sure has flown by hasn't it? Happy birthday to you! I don't know if I have a specific memory so much as an image of you that's always stuck with me. You laughed easily and when you did, others couldn't help but join. You were always so fun to be around and made any gathering better for your presence.

Leyla... said...

I hope you had fun at Red Robin & Cold Stone... those RR french fries are delicious! I hope you enjoyed you day!

Julia said...

Happy birthday!! My fav memories with you are girls camp. :)