Weekend Re-Cap

We had a busy weekend. It started on Friday night at the District, which is outdoor shopping with parks and a carousel. They play movies outside under the stars on Friday & Saturday. So we went and watched Curious George. Then Carter got to go on the carousel which he loves, and then we went on a trolley which took us to the other side were there is more stores and music. On Saturday we went to a car show and it had to have been over 100 degrees! I wanted to see the cars but walking around in the heat is not really my idea of fun! Why don't they do these events in cooler weather!? So we took some pictures, which only Carter was in one because it was too hot, had a delicious funnel cake and left. We then headed to Town Square which is another cute outdoor shopping with a playground and water coming up from the ground. It was a lot of fun in the hot Las Vegas sun even Carter fell asleep in the car on the way home which NEVER happens! So here are just a couple of pictures, I guess we were having too much fun to take more.
Me & Carter waiting for the trolley. Sorry for the poor quality.
Carter found this little cart on the way to the car.
Dan & I love this Chevy Bel-Air!
This was a cool truck. I loved the color.
And they even had Tow Mater for the kids.

This was kind of crazy.
This is when we got home and he went potty before bedtime.


Kirk + Chelsea said...

Isn't the district so fun?! Looks like you guys had a great weekend! I forget the name of the other place in Vegas closer to downtown, but they were putting it in right around the time we were getting ready to move. Do you guys go there too? Dawn's doing great and says hi:) She's actually coming over for dinner tonight!

The B's said...

Wow, looks like you had a a fun weekend. Car shows are fun I love all the cool old 50's cars.

Nikki said...

What a fun weekend! Mater was my fave.

Stacy said...
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