I know this is really overdue but cut me some slack we just got back from Wisconsin & I've been sick. We had a good Halloween. The night before we went to our neighbors party & had a great time. My neighbor is too cute & goes all out! Then on Halloween we went to Lake Las Vegas & trick or treated around the stores. There aren't that many stores, so then we went to the District which is an outdoor shopping mall. It was packed so I wanted to go door to door but Dan thought this was safer so we stayed & got a lot of candy. Then we got some dinner & went home.
This was Carter when we first got to the party. It took him awhile to warm up.
The Policeman & Super Why.
What a good looking cop!
The cop & Mr. Incredible.
We just threw candy on the floor for a free for all! The kids were young, they didn't mind.
The cute dessert my neighbor made.
The cop & robbers.
Carter & I at the Lake.
The robbers.
Trick or treat!
Check out my cool stuff!
Put your hands up...
your under arrest!
Having fun with the smoke.
Until next year.

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Kirk + Chelsea said...

You guys look awesome! Your little boy is getting so big! My goodness! How is Vegas treating you guys?