The Ranch

My sister Emily & my parents were in town a couple of weekends ago. We had a lot of fun, thanks again mom & Em for helping me find a dress, even if I found the right one after you guys left. These are the only pictures I took while they were here. We went to check out a ranch that was here in Vegas that my dad read about in the paper. I didn't really want to go but my dad says we never want to do what he does, so we went. I think when the day was over my dad was wishing we wouldn't have done what he wanted! It was a hot day, the petting zoo smelled so bad, & we watched a terrible show! I guess we had fun though since we were together & that's all that matters!
Papa & Carter.
All of us.
Em being crazy. I think this would make a nice profile pic on Facebook!
Carter had to copy.
Carter & a goat.
These guys scare me! Maybe it's the eyes.
Cute mama & her baby.
The girls.
Grab the bull by it's horns!
I love Swans, maybe it has something to do with the movie The Notebook.
Feeding the ducks & swans.
Say cheese.
Sorry for a bunch of the same pics, but everyone needed a turn. First up mom & dad...
then Dan & dad....
Em & Carter....
and finally me & Dan.
Headed back to the car to go home.
Carter & Auntie Em.
My beautiful sis & I.


The B's said...

Good times. I love your fam, tell them hi for me. don't you love the fall?

Stacy said...

I will Julie. Yes, I love fall!