That stands for white trash week! My whole immediate family got together at my mom & dad's house in St. George Utah. My brother Grant & his boys flew into Vegas from Texas, my sister, her boyfriend, my other brother Scott & his family drove up from California. We all met at the Vegas airport & caravaned up there. We arrived to water balloons being tossed at us by my dad & other brother Courtney! We all didn't think it was that funny. Once we got over it the kids all put their suits on & had fun outside. The whole week was so fun! We did lots of swimming, talking, playing games, breaking up fights, & eating. Can't wait till next year!
There is a brand new recreation center up the street from my parents. The best part is the lazy river.
Papa, Carter, & Griffin
Carter, Katelyn, & Marissa
Carter & Emily. He's ready to go to the pool & no one else is.
I love the cupcakes from TwentyFive Main.
My adorable nephew Griffin after his new haircut!
All the kids ready to watch the play Tarzan.
They were also playing Cats.
My parents with their cute grand kids.
A rare picture, my parents with all their kids.
Us with Tarzan's dad. It was so HOT, poor guy!
Thanks for all the good times! I love & miss everyone!

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