Step Right Up!

Since I've never been to a circus we thought it would be fun to take Carter to one. I don't think he enjoyed it as much as Dan & I. We had really good seats & got 2 tickets for the price of one! Carter was free since he sat on our lap. Last season on America's Got Talent there was an act called Quick Change, we thought they were really neat. Well they're act was in this circus so we thought that was cool because we saw them on t.v. We had a lot of fun & hope to maybe do it again next year!
The Ring Master.
Carter & Dan enjoying the show & the cotton candy!
A tiger walking the tight rope.
This was the first act & they eventually spun all the way around the cable!
Cute "little" elephant!
Standing on there front legs.
Carter turning into....

Our little family.

Me & my lover boy!
And finally what's a circus without clowns!?

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