New Year's Eve

So finally I'm all caught up after this post! I don't think anyone looks at this but I'll keep doing it because it's a journal for me & I'll be able to print it one day. We were in St George for New Year's so we went downtown to there party called First Night. They had music, activities for the kids, rock climbing, rock band, food, rides, & a new ice skating rink. They also did two fireworks shows, one at 9 for the young kids & then of course at 12. We had fun but it was really cold! My nephew Griffin who is four didn't make it all night so my parents took him home. I hope that 2010 brings us another baby & a bigger house!
We started off here. My nephew Maddox who is 7.
My cute husband.
Then we went inside to warm up & make some party masks.
What the heck is on me!!?
The party people with there masks.
The one eyed monster!Then a picture in front of the New Year sign.
Then 2 swords & a doggy.
Went inside 25 Main to warm up again & get some yummy cupcakes. My brother & his son.
Silly Carter.
Lastly we got a free picture of the party people that lasted!
HAPPY 2010!

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